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The UA Global Emerging Leadership Scholarship is aimed at high-achieving international students who wish to obtain a bachelor’s degree in the US. UU and that are dedicated to a positive civic and social change. It is aimed at students who will return to their homes to improve poor communities with limited resources in their country of origin.

The American University is offering fully funded scholarship opportunity to any academically high-achieving student from around the world seeking to study for their degree program in the United States. Such students must be a recent high school graduate seeking to earn their bachelors degree in four years’ time.

As long as the beneficiary is enrolled for an undergraduate degree program, they are eligible to study any bachelor degree course offered at the host institution.

High school learners seeking to progress their college education may consider applying for this UA Global Emerging Leadership Scholarship commencing by 2019.

Host Institution – American University, Washington DC, USA

Level / Field (s) of study – Any undergraduate study offered at the university.

Application Deadline – December 15, 2019

Number of scholarships – One (1) scholarship is available.

Objective Group – The scholarships are aimed at international students from any country who are not US citizens. UU. Permanent residents of the USA. UU or citizens with dual nationality of the United States. UU and from another country.

Value of the scholarship / inclusions / duration – The AU EGL student grant covers expenses billable by the American University (full tuition, room and board). The scholarship does not cover non-billable expenses, such as compulsory health insurance, books, airline tickets and miscellaneous expenses (approximately US $ 4,000) for the beneficiary’s college education.

It is renewable for a total of four years of undergraduate studies, based on continuous satisfactory academic performance.


Preference will be given to:

  • International students who have overcome various obstacles and challenges, as well as those from diverse socioeconomic and global environments and with little representation.
  • A minimum of 3.8 GPA equivalent (or in the top 10% of the graduate class) for grades 9 to 12.
  • A demonstrated commitment to leadership, volunteering, service to the community and the advancement of the needs of people in their country of origin.
  • Students with a 95+ TOEFL iBT, 7.0+ IELTS, 600+ paper-based TOEFL (taken May 31, 2017 or earlier), or 24+ sub-scores on the paper-based TOEFL (Taken after May 31, 2017).
  • Students who are still enrolled in high school / high school and graduate in June 2019.
  • Students studying in the British A-Levels system must complete at least 3 levels A and complete 13 years of study before August 2019.

You are NOT eligible to apply if:

– Is a US citizen, a permanent resident of the United States. UU or a dual US citizen UU and another country.

– You are enrolled in or have already started a post-secondary study at another university in your country of origin or in the United States.

– You graduated from high school before 2017.

High school learners seeking to progress their college education may consider applying for this UA Global Emerging Leadership Scholarship commencing by 2019.


Application Instructions:

To apply for the Emerging Global Leadership Grant of the African Union, you must apply and complete the AU EGLS application, the Common or Coalition Application and the international admission process before December 15, 2018. Note that students chasing a graduate degree program are not qualified to apply for this student grant offered by the American University to study in the United States by 2019.

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